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Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

Man, I have been feeling so down on myself and blue. When the rejections pile up, and you feel like a fraud and a loser, it’s hard to want to continue. I haven’t even felt like writing. “What’s the point? You suck,” I’ve been telling myself.

Oh yeah, singing included.

I happened to look over at the alphabet flashcards sitting next to my computer, and it made me think. When I started teaching my daughter her ABC’s, I didn’t expect her to learn them all at once.  I started her out with five letters. These five…

Letter by letter, she learned. And letter by letter, I’m learning how to make my novels better. I don’t know how much of my “alphabet” I have yet to learn, but eventually, I’ll learn it.

She didn’t learn by herself, I helped her. I’ve been smart enough to recognize that I need help and I’ve gone waaaaay outside of my comfort zone in seeking it. I’m trying hard, and I should be proud of all the letters I’ve learned, not embarrassed by all the ones I don’t yet know.

Yesterday, I got my first query rejection that was more than just a “Dear Author” followed by a form rejection, it had constructive feedback. You’d think a rejection would be another kick to the ribs, but it wasn’t. Some of the comments got me thinking about how much I’ve learned and improved since I wrote my first manuscript. And while I still might have a long way to go, I am going.

I never booed my daughter and said, “Plllt! Yeah, you’ve  learned 20 letters, but you still don’t know ’em all!” I cheered all of her efforts, celebrated each new letter she learned and patted her back though each stumble. I need to do the same for myself.

So get back to work, Karen! Write something, read something, share something, learn something, have a short pity party if you need to, but keep moving forward. And remember…

do it



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