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Small press & Self-published books, please.

Small press & Self-published books, please.

I read a few articles recently which basically said traditional publishers are only looking for bestsellers and don’t care about mid-list authors anymore. It made me sad. I can barely get form letters back from agents let alone hope to be a bestseller. I already feel like this process has been kicking me around like a rusty old tin can with old dog food crusted in the inside.

But what can I do? Keep writing. Keep trying. Right? Right. I’m going to do those things.

I also decided I’m only going to read novels (besides the Wheel of Time Series-I can’t stop now-I ❤️  Perrin Aybara too much) that come from small presses or are self-published for one year starting in December.

So I’m taking recommendations so I can start a “to read” list for the year. If you’ve read (or written) a great self-published novel or one published by a small press,  please comment, tweet me  @KarenAnnWirtz or find me on facebook


The author of middle-grade fantasy adventure books A GAME OF TRUTHS and ASTER FINLAY AND THE GREAT ELAN

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