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Editing: My least favorite activity


Very recently (as in, up until yesterday) I spent a lot of time editing. And by a lot of time, I mean that’s pretty much all I did. I didn’t write. I let my daughter watch WAY too many movies. My Fitbit was constantly prodding me to get up and move.

It was a tough process for me. I kept correcting mistakes or changing awkward sentences and the more I did it, the more I found. It was like a never ending cycle.




I read through it over and over. I read it aloud. I ran it through some software to find mistakes I wasn’t seeing. I had my computer read it to me (this was super helpful other than the weird way it pronounced some character names.) I ran it through the software again. Read it aloud. Rinse, repeat.

I finally just had to put it down. I started to feel confused about whether or not I had repeating lines. Maybe I just read it so many times; I thought I did.  Was I fixing things anymore or just finding things to change?

This is also when my imposter syndrome is at its worst. I feel so inadequate and well, losery (I know that’s not a real word, but it is just so accurate.)

Writers out there, I’m curious–what does your editing process look like? How do you know when you’ve finished? Have any tips?


The author of middle-grade fantasy adventure books A GAME OF TRUTHS and ASTER FINLAY AND THE GREAT ELAN

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