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How to deal with post book-birth anxiety

How to deal with post book-birth anxiety

When you find out, please let me know.

My debut novel is out, and I’ve never been so miserable. I find myself staring at the sentences I “should have changed!” I want to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry. I want to drink myself into a stupor and pass out –preferably forever.

In my head, I know that this is my first novel. I know that I’m still learning and growing and critique and criticism will help me do so. But I feel like my book is the biggest piece of crap that ever existed. I wish I would have signed up to be a nude model for a super-judgemental and talkative group of artists instead. I’m positive I’d feel less vulnerable and less miserable. I know I should be proud of myself for taking the first steps and having the courage to put myself out there. But I honestly can’t think of a time in my life when I felt worse about myself.

So if anyone has any suggestions, I’m taking them because the power of positive thinking isn’t working out so well for me.


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3 thoughts on “How to deal with post book-birth anxiety

  1. I’d recommend talking to your editor or someone who’s read the book – they’ll probably tell you it’s not a pile of crap at all. Perhaps taking a break and doing something non-writing related for a while might help too? I’m sure this feeling will fade, I’ve had it too and I usually get over it and start working on my next novel haha. Good luck with the release! You’ve done really well just to get to the publishing stage – best of luck with it x


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