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New Favorite Book Alert!

New Favorite Book Alert!

Normally, I add my book reviews to my book review page, but this one deserved a blog post all its own. As I said before, I’m a bit of a reluctant reader. I know a lot of authors are ravenous readers, but it is an activity that can be a bit laborious for me. I read, usually, as a process of learning and study and not a process of enjoyment. Therefore,  books that grab hold of me and keep me turning pages enter the rare “favorite” zone. They make me want to jump up and down and squeal and shout to the world!!!

This book is one of them!



WHISPERS IN THE ALDERS by H.A. Callum – This book is special! It embodies the triumphant magic of unwavering friendship and love. After reading, I clutched it tightly to my chest for a while to sit with all the emotions coursing through my heart before gently placing it on my shelf reserved for favorite books. The characters Callum created   -especially Tommy- nestled their way into my heart where they will always stay.  The friendship between Tommy and Aubrey floated off the pages and enveloped me. The writing is so lovely, I had to stop and read the words over and over like the replaying of a favorite song. I wish I could rush off into the Alders and find the love and tenderness that Aubrey and Tommy found there with each other. I can’t wait until Callum’s next novel. I highly recommend this book! Buy it here!

When you’re done reading it, let me know what you think. I’d love to discuss this one.


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