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#BookLoversDay Giveaway

#BookLoversDay Giveaway

When I learned that today was #BookLoversDay, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to hold a giveaway for my favorite book, WHISPERS IN THE ALDERS by H.A. Callum. Just as a reminder as to how much I love this book, I’ve reposted my review below.

Here’s is the link to enter for a chance to win this incredible book! If you win, be sure to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads to show this author some well-deserved book love.




WHISPERS IN THE ALDERS by H.A. Callum – This book is special! It embodies the triumphant magic of unwavering friendship and love. After reading, I clutched it tightly to my chest for a while to sit with all the emotions coursing through my heart before gently placing it on my shelf reserved for favorite books. The characters Callum created   -especially Tommy- nestled their way into my heart where they will always stay.  The friendship between Tommy and Aubrey floated off the pages and enveloped me. The writing is so lovely, I had to stop and read the words over and over like the replaying of a favorite song. I wish I could rush off into the Alders and find the love and tenderness that Aubrey and Tommy found there with each other. I can’t wait until Callum’s next novel.


The author of middle-grade fantasy adventure books A GAME OF TRUTHS and ASTER FINLAY AND THE GREAT ELAN

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