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Peeking out of my shell

Peeking out of my shell

Okay, friends. I’ve signed up for the N.E. Geek Expo where I’ll be selling and signing my books. I’m so nervous. I’m such an introvert and it takes a lot of courage and energy for me to put myself out there for things like this. Looking over the event photos from previous years, though, I feel better because it looks like it’s going to be a fun event attended by some awesome people. I’m also looking forward to meeting new readers and sharing my stories and passion for fantasy books. I think I’ll even wear a costume.

If you’re going to be in Northeast Ohio in November, I hope you’ll come by and see me. I’ll try not to be too awkward!


This is me 🙂



Fellow writers: How do you prepare for events like this? Do you dress up? Do you like to give out free stuff? I’d love some advice.


The author of middle-grade fantasy adventure books A GAME OF TRUTHS and ASTER FINLAY AND THE GREAT ELAN

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